The island of Helios is an experimental design exploration in print and digital which explores the way that information is interpreted over time. The mythic life of Edwaard Muybridge, photographer, pioneer of the moving picture, and bay area resident, serves as the basis for the history of the fictional Island of Helios. His photographic foundation, Helios Flying Studio, lends its name to the island and provides the artifacts that serve as the basis for its history.

All information has been drawn from Wikipedia; a flawed source, but in the future one that will prove to be the most important record of our history, because it is user aggregated. Visual choices have been made with a future aesthetic in mind. Characters and symbols are informed by the pictographic and legible nature of pan Asian communication, and the navigation system is fluid but simplistic, unencumbered by decoration. What results is a misinterpreted history of a person who has evolved into a deity and a place that has evolved into myth over the span of a thousand years. 

Resources: All information sourced from user aggregated sites, Wikipedia.